The Local Low Down: Casey Janowski of TechShop Austin-Round Rock

I am super excited about participating in TechShop Austin-Round Rock's Ladies' Night event this Saturday May 24th, 5-9pm. Casey Janowski, TechShop Events Coordinator, gives us the low-down on her creative passions and what inspired this event.

 Casey Janowski, TechShop Events and Outreach Coordinator, Owner of Fartsy Arts

Casey Janowski, TechShop Events and Outreach Coordinator, Owner of Fartsy Arts

What is TechShop? How can a maker use this space?

TechShop is a DIY Makerspace and fabrication studio.  Imagine what a perfect garage shop, art studio, and design classroom would look like, add a ton of workspace, a community of makers, and there you have it.  That is TechShop in a nutshell.  We have a wood shop, electronics area, computer classroom with machines full of software, machine shop, metal shop, welding, 3-D printers, textile area, laser cutters, vinyl cutter, screen printing and more.   Long time makers, beginner makers, artists, engineers, hobbyists, anyone, can simply take a class, have space to work (which we all know can be limited at home), use our equipment to build, make, and create. Our members are like family and our community is a great resource and inspiration when you are in the shop.  Everyone finds their own way to make this space the perfect fit to build their dreams! 

What was the impetus behind the Ladies’ Night event and what will gals learn?

We have an amazing group of female members and as a female, I want to see more women empowered to feel comfortable in a shop, around tools, building, making, exploring, and inventing!  The TechShop community is all about collaboration and support which is why I love partnering with local businesses.  In addition to partnering with the lovely and talented Jessica, we will be partnering with the Nora K, owner of Great Bean, raw organic chocolate made in Austin, TX. The ladies who attend will get to experience some of our equipment in the shop: Laser Cutter and Rotary Attachment, Vacuum Former, various hand tools, and some fun tech toys like conductive thread and LEDs!  Aside from the equipment, they will be guided through the process of customizing their own natural fragrance, learn about the life of a chocolatier (while taste testing), how to create electronic wearable jewelry, and more!  

What do you create and what inspires you?

Fartsy Arts is my small business and I create hand painted, laser cut jewelry and mixed media artwork that is vintage inspired and quirky.  TechShop has allowed me to expand my business and explore new technology to keep my work fresh and funky!  EVERYTHING inspires me! My environment plays a huge part in my creativity.  I am fortunate enough to have a special place at home that I make art in.  I am a lover of color and texture, crazy patterns, vintage color palettes, and on and on.  Taking a class on a new piece of equipment really revs my engine as well.  After a class I have endless ideas of what to create next!! 

Do you have any favorite scents?

Right now I am loving the mixture of coconut and citrus.  It makes me swoon. 

Thanks Casey! 

 $129 will get you in. Bring your best gal pals and REGISTER HERE. Questions? Contact Casey at 512-900-4664 or e-mail