J.Hannah Co. Local Low Down: Celine Thibault, Apparel Designer

I am enamored with people who work with natural materials in their work. What a thrill to recently learn about cochineal dye with Celine Thibault. Cochineal is an insect that has been used as a natural dye for thousands of years. The colors were unbelievable and Celine was the perfect guide into the world of dying with this little bug. Here's the low down on her work:

What do you create?

Feminine dresses, skirts, blouses and pants, knit tanks, playful textiles and hand-dyed vintage.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in so many places. Our surroundings are filled with color, texture, poetry and the imagination provides infinite inspiration. Nature is one of the greats! I love to watch the trees sway in the wind, hear the birds and watch the sky shift through the day. It translates into my designs which are often light and playful and embody movement. I also find inspiration in the craft itself and people who made thoughtful, beautiful things before me. Fashion and material creation is my way of communicating and navigating the social landscape. My hope is to inspire someone else's self-expression.

Will you lead more workshops in the future?

Yes! Two workshops are penciled in for July and August. In one workshop, I'll teach guests how to dye silk scarves with pecan tree or cochineal and the other will be an indigo workshop. I have a new workshop section on my website: www.atelierthibault.com, which will have links to the classes once they're ready to book!

What scents do you find most appealing? 

I lived near the water in Florida and miss the heavy sea air. I love smoky, woodsy scents like tobacco and burning hickory. I am not particularly fond of patchouli but it is an ingredient in some of my favorite perfumes. You taught me when patchouli is combined with other scents, it can make a grand transformation! I am looking forward to mixing natural fragrances in your next class!

Me too! I definitely look forward to blending with you at an upcoming natural perfume workshop. Thanks Celine!

Do you wanna learn about cochineal and other dying materials? Check out Atelier Thibault for more natural dying workshops.