J.Hannah Co. Botanical Friday: Frankincense

No other oil contains as much history and importance as Frankincense. Dating back to ancient times the resin has been used in rituals in many religions, as an aromatic therapy oil, and for body care. It comes from the Boswellia elongata tree which grows in Yemen and other regions of Africa. The tree bark must be punctured to release the resin which oozes out and dries in tears. Cedric Pollet has masterfully photographed the frankincense tears in his book Bark.

Cedric Pollet, from the book "Bark"/cedric-pollet.com

Cedric Pollet, from the book "Bark"/cedric-pollet.com

The stone-like dried resin can be burned as incense or distilled for it's oil which is utilized in aromatherapy and natural perfumery. When blending a perfume, I find the oil to be very supportive of everything around it in a formula. It's friendly without being stifled. I love adding it to a perfume, especially ones that need exotic fillers and resinous additions in the base note. Join us at an upcoming event to smell Frankincense for yourself! 

Frankincense resin,   photo taken by  Peter Presslein ,   CC BY-SA 3.0  ,

Frankincense resin, photo taken by Peter PressleinCC BY-SA 3.0,