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J.Hannah Co. at West Elm, Austin

Austin continues to impress me with ample opportunities for small businesses. When West Elm Austin contacted me about leading a beginner natural perfume workshop, I jumped at the chance.  Join us for some aroma sniffing at this morning workshop and formulate a perfume to take home with you. This is great for the first timer, or repeat the workshop to try your hand at a new formula. Register Here.

Tribeza Talk: J.Hannah Co.

Thanks Tribeza! It's an honor to be featured in The Tribeza Talk column in this month's Makers Issue. Check out the digital copy p.40. This column highlights Austin's hidden gems and we are so glad to be included!

I had such a nice private blending session with journalist Stephanie Derstine, as we discussed all things natural perfume. Oh and thanks to Kirsten Stoddard, from Triple Max Ton, for providing the beautiful image.

Tribeza, August 2014, Makers Issue

Tribeza, August 2014, Makers Issue

J.Hannah Co. at West Elm with Being Elliott

The very talented fashion stylist and blogger Brynn Elliott, of Being Elliott, is curating a pop-up party at the Austin West Elm with a smoking hot lineup of local makers including Esby, Leah DuncanPlante Clothing, and this lucky gal!

Brynn and I swooned at the idea of collaborating on a perfume, so she's taking a break from her busy schedule to indulge in a private blending session at my studio. And guess what folks? We are giving away samples of her gorgeous custom natural perfume at the event. Free Perfume? Yes, please! It's a limited supply so come early and we'll see you there.

J.Hannah Co. Botanical Friday: Virginia Cedarwood

Virginia Cedarwood (juniperus virginiana) is the epitome of wood notes in natural perfume. It's a top note with a warm dry quality, helpful in dampening down overly sweet blends. There are many types of cedarwood including Atlas, Himalayan, and Texas, all of which have completely different woody aromas. 

Some people instantly think of old cedar chests and high school wood shop class when they get a whiff of this essence and it's for good reason. Virginia Cedarwood is distilled from timber waste from pencil factories and sawdust. Seriously. How about that for an amazing reuse!!

In my practice, this essential oil has been very useful to impart dry clean depth in men's fragrances, oriental blends, and herbaceous formulas. Smell Virginia cedarwood for yourself at an upcoming natural perfume workshop!

Cedar Pencils

Cedar Pencils