J.Hannah Co. Botanical Friday: Post-Beach Bliss Natural Perfume

Post-Beach Bliss is a limited edition natural perfume that I blended for Austin Fashion Week, but I have been dabbling with this formula for years! 

Why did it take me years? Because with natural perfumes they last for two hours and evolve as they dry down and I wanted this one to be an awesome transformation. I would settle for nothing less. "Dry down" means what a scent smells like as it dries and this one is a shape shifting dream. To start it off there are bold citrus top notes of Yuzu and grapefruit kicking it into high gear! The middle notes are jasmine grandiflorium absolute  with warm, herbaceous lavender absolute. The base is truly a driving force below it all, with the grounding oils of earthy Oak and Vetiver combined with the sweetness of fir absolute. It's a show stopper and after years of tinkering, I am so pleased to share it with you.

Ripe Yuzu

Ripe Yuzu

Interesting fact: Yuzu fruit is a Japanese citrus fruit that originates from China. We obtain citrus oils by a process called cold pressing. The rind of the fruit is, you guessed it, pressed and out comes the essential oil. So when you break open the skin of your next citrus fruit, that scent is essential oils you sniff!