Columbia College Chicago

J.Hannah Co., The Experience IS the product

I sometimes get asked why J.Hannah Co. focuses on workshops and private blending sessions. Why not make a perfume product line? Sometimes people just want to buy something, right?

Here's the thing, I could absolutely make a perfume product line. It would be gorgeous and I would sell the hell out of it. That might happen someday, but right now, I am following a very particular passion to teach and learn. I am most excited about talking to people, hearing their stories, and sharing aromas together. There is something magical about natural materials and I have seen how these essences can awaken people. There are stories just under the surface, about pleasure, joy, and sorrow. Beautiful stories. 


While in grad school I often found myself in discussions about "process vs. product". I earned my MFA in Interdisciplinary Art and Media at Columbia College Chicago and while studying I was fortunate to be surrounded by some outstanding makers. These people are now teaching, publishing, making, and continuing their art careers in profound ways. We could dive into long and winding debates of value, aesthetics, artistic reasonings, craft, skill, and artistry. No matter how these discussions ended, I always came to one conclusion, that the process of making is just as important as the final product.

So, for me the process of sniffing oils, slowing down, talking about what they evoke, and building the perfume is just as valuable as the final perfume. People come to my natural perfume workshops brave and curious and I love leading the charge into these unchartered aromatic explorations. We are building beautiful things together and I feel called to guide the way. The experience IS the product.

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