Jessica Hannah

J.Hannah Co. at The AIX Scent Fair

We are filling bottles and packing our bags to set forth on our trip to Los Angeles to attend the AIX Scent fair at the Hammer Museum. What's this, you say? Well dear reader, this is the first International collection of artisanal and Independent scent creators to be exhibited at a museum. I know, this is TOTALLY your thing. Us too, and we are thrilled to be included. 

Come enjoy a whiff of our line including our newest perfume Upton as well as our classic vintage fragrance Sunset Blvd. We also will be bringing a few special limited edition treats too!

Indie perfume companies from around the world will be present at the fair from 11-5 on Saturday and Sunday. Then dust off your favorite cocktail dress for the Art and Olfaction Awards Saturday night. This is the award that we won last year for the perfume Skive blended for Canoe in Austin, TX. We'll also have a very limited quantity of Skive for sell at the Scent Fair. ohh la la!

To make the most of our LA trip, we have included a special Beginner Natural Perfume Workshop at Maker's Mess on Thursday May 5th to kick off our weekend of scent. Bring your Momma to celebrate Mother's Day by creating a beautiful perfume together.

I hope to see you, and stay tuned for some Spring Giveaways in the coming weeks!

J.Hannah Co. Releases Sunset Blvd.

Sunset Blvd. has arrived.  Our newest natural perfume is inspired by Billy Wilder’s 1950 film classic about a has-been silent picture diva who schemes to return to the big screen. 

The perfume is a dramatic oriental with notes of rose, yuzu, cinnamon, patchouli, and tonka bean. I studied film in my undergraduate studies and classic films are my favorite. So with this perfume I kept thinking, "What did it smell like in Norma Desmond's dressing room?" Our new perfume Sunset Blvd. is my vision of that scent. In the film the performance by Gloria Swanson is so haunting with all her drama, pride, and sadness. I wanted to reflect the characters descent by capturing a brightness in the spicy citrus top that dries to a fruity floral, and finally a powdered earthy finish. To me, Norma is like a gorgeous wilting flower.

I have been working on this perfume for some time, making sure it is exactly as envisioned. It has aged to perfection and is ready for an audience, much like Norma was ready for her close-up. Get your bottle of Sunset Blvd. here.

Norma Desmand, played by Gloria Swanson.  Sunset Boulevard , 1950.

Norma Desmand, played by Gloria Swanson. Sunset Boulevard, 1950.