Virginia Cedarwood

J.Hannah Co. Botanical Friday: Virginia Cedarwood

Virginia Cedarwood (juniperus virginiana) is the epitome of wood notes in natural perfume. It's a top note with a warm dry quality, helpful in dampening down overly sweet blends. There are many types of cedarwood including Atlas, Himalayan, and Texas, all of which have completely different woody aromas. 

Some people instantly think of old cedar chests and high school wood shop class when they get a whiff of this essence and it's for good reason. Virginia Cedarwood is distilled from timber waste from pencil factories and sawdust. Seriously. How about that for an amazing reuse!!

In my practice, this essential oil has been very useful to impart dry clean depth in men's fragrances, oriental blends, and herbaceous formulas. Smell Virginia cedarwood for yourself at an upcoming natural perfume workshop!

Cedar Pencils

Cedar Pencils