J.Hannah Co.'s Mimosa Inspired Natural Perfume

Last month I made a couple limited edition blends for a pop-up shop during Austin Fashion Week. Here's what inspired the perfume Poolside Mimosa.

Once I smelled it, I knew I was going to create a luxurious perfume. Mimosa Absolute has a very floral, fresh, and soft quality, which unfortunately can be lost if paired with bossy loud oils. So I kept it present by using a few other florals like jasmine, ylang ylang, and phenyl ethyl alcohol (a woody and rose-y isolate). It's amazing how quickly this formula became cloyingly sweet, so I tempered it with drier aromas like blood cedarwood and sandalwood. The final formula? An absolutely gorgeous floral and woody fragrance perfect for lounging poolside.

The limited edition Poolside Mimosa perfume is available for sale here.

Interesting Fact: Though extremely beautiful and fragrant, Mimosa trees are considered an invasive, non-native, pest of a plant in certain areas. Learn more from The University of Florida Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants.

Summertime fun time- Austin Monthly

Have you read the new Austin Monthly? Check out who's #48 on the list of 114 FunThings to do this Summer. We could not be happier to be included in such a stellar line-up.


The summer blending series is an opportunity for someone to join me for one or multiple blending workshops in my studio. I love to teach in my space because I can share some of the more complex, exotic, and stunning oils that I collect. This is a beginner level workshop, but for the right person this could be the chance to begin really exploring natural perfumery by dabbling each month, focusing and perfecting a specific combination of oils, and building a scent wardrobe throughout the summer. OR, come for one evening with your bestie and walk away with your own signature scent. What a beautiful smelling summer it will be! Click here to register for a workshop.