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J.Hannah Co. visits The Blanco, TX Lavender Festival

Yes, it was as good as I had anticipated. We set off from Austin early in the day to avoid the heat and rush. We went into town and explored many local vendors, but Hill Country Lavender farm was our main destination on the outskirts of Blanco, TX. 

Stepping out of the car, the cool breeze was filled with the herbaceous fresh aroma. I wanted to run through the naturally perfumed fields, though I kept my composure. There was a cute little store with lavender essential oil, cookies, and soap, but I wanted to get in the fields for the fresh stuff. This farm grows varies types, but we were cutting the Lavandula Intermedia, or Provence Lavender. We grabbed some sheers and began harvesting!


Nothing is sweeter than relaxing with a nice glass of lavender lemonade.


If you are in Central Texas you are in luck because Hill Country Lavender farm will be open till July 13th.  (closed on July 4th) Fri & Sat 10 - 4 / Sun 12 -4. 

J.Hannah Co. Botanical Friday: Texas Lavender

I can't wait to get my nose on some fresh Texas oil, lavender oil that is! I am heading to Blanco, Texas this weekend for the annual Lavender Festival. I am a little giddy about the trip since I have been looking forward to it all spring. Lavender can be grown in many parts of the world and it has distinctly different aromas depending on the climate, region, and variety. Texas hill country has the perfect terrain and hot climate for this plant to grow gangbuster! Have I mentioned how excited I am about this?

Texas lavender, image from

Texas lavender, image from

You've heard all the hype about lavender as a soothing and calming oil. It's considered the most well known and versatile oil in aroma therapy. The scent can be sweet and herbaceous with some floral notes. The essential oil is clear or light gold in color. The absolute, which is frequently used in natural perfumery, tends to be a dark green more herbaceous and viscous oil.

Lavender absolute on the left, lavender essential oil on the right. Image at J.Hannah Co. studio.

Lavender absolute on the left, lavender essential oil on the right. Image at J.Hannah Co. studio.

Here's a few ways to use lavender essential oil in your home:

  • Add around 15 drops of lavender essential oil to your bath water.
  • Ease restless nights by putting a few drops in a tissue on your night stand.
  • dab a drop on insect bites. 
  • Bake with it. Seriously. Add the flowers or essential oil to your short bread, ice cream, or lemonade.
  • Add it in your natural perfume at a J.Hannah Co. upcoming workshop.
  • Drop up to 10 drops in your diffuser to keep calm and soothed throughout the work day.

Are you as excited about lavender as I am? Check out the Blanco, Texas Lavender Festival for yourself!