J.Hannah Co. on Turkish Rugs and Hospitality

A year ago I had the great fortune to travel in Turkey. The journey took us hiking through the wilderness, exploring underground cities, tasting local cuisine, riding a balloon  through the Cappadocia valley, trudging through the ancient ruins of Ephesus, and navigating the winding streets of Izmir and Istanbul. 

Rug markets were everywhere, and if you aren't familiar with Turkish rugs, they are the pride of the country. Customers were greeted with warm invitations to enter the little shops, sit, relax, drink a cup of apple tea and enjoy the display. The rug markets were my jam. I wanted to sit for days watching men throw out rug upon rug to exhibit the intricate patterns and craftsmanship. I found myself gasping with pleasure as each new rug rolled out. At one market the Turk unveiling the beauties would spin it in the air as it fell. "Yes, yes more of this!" I wanted to yell and clap as he gave me a knowing wink.

It was a textile dream come true! More over though, I found myself thrilled with this level of  hospitality and care which I felt as a customer, even in all it's tourist trappings. Hospitality is a trait I most enjoy when traveling and what I find myself wanting to adopt in my work.

After a day in Instanbul's Grand Bazaar, this rug came home with us and it now resides in my perfume studio. I adore it's pattern and energy. It sheds warmth on my creative space and adds worldly charm that is only matched by smelling natural essences that have traveled the globe to be in my collection. See my beautiful Turkish rug for yourself at an upcoming in-studio workshop or in a private session.